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Huawei Announces winners of AppGallery & Themes Editors’​ Choice Awards 2021 in Europe

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HUAWEI Mobile Services’ annual awards celebrate the best apps, games and themes of the year across a variety of different categories, voted for by Europe’s AppGallery and Themes Editors.

Meet this year’s winners!

The Editors’ Choice Awards 2021 Themes winners include:

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Digital Art Hero: JoJoesArt

Jonas Jödicke’s Themes and WatchFace designs have captivated users who have demanded more of his amazing digital art transformations. Jonas (a.k.a ‘JoJoesArt’) has paved the way for future digital artists, who wish to diversify their portfolio with new content mediums. Jonas’ paintings are known for their portrayal of majestic animals and magical sceneries, mixed with bold colours and spiritual themes.

Check out his Instagram and Huawei theme page

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Brand Collection: butterfly-effected GmbH

At The Themes World, their mission is to create diverse designs across a range of topics. They also have a large collection of branded content that cover film, music and cartoons. Beyond this, The Themes World focus on simple and clean designs for their icons, so users can have the best experience when choosing a theme. Butterfly-effected GmbH is receiving this award due to their unwavering ability to deliver top collections for renowned brands which include Star Trek, SpongeBob and many more.

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Cross-Device Innovator: Robert Bürger

This award winner is known for their passion and commitment to testing new tools in the pursuit of interesting art. Robert Bürger’s designs are available on phones and wearables as themes, AODs, wallpapers, lock-screens and WatchFaces, enabling a full 360 experience for Huawei multi-device users.

Check out my Huawei theme page

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Best Themes Designer: Alexander Rinas

Alexander has been professionally designing themes for over five years and focuses on original and modern classic theme designs. Outside of his design style, he has impressed Huawei Editors with his commitment to ensure that his content is compatible with future devices and updates. What also may come as surprise to users is that Alexander’s ideas and inspirations come from walking his dog!

Check out his Huawei theme page

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Best WatchFace Collaboration: Biatec/VIENNA STUDIOS/Dominus

Biatec’s watch designs are simple, yet elegant and stylish, which is epitomised by their motto: “In search of perfection…”. With the support of VIENNA STUDIOS and Dominus, their design dreams are now a reality for all Huawei wearable users.

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Best WatchFace Designer: Saint On 

Saint On has worked with a variety of digital tools for decades, from developing android applications, to sharpening his skill-set in 3D objects and effects via video montages. This experience has moulded him into the ideal recipient to achieve this award. The other element of Saint On’s success is down to his attention to detail, and never completing a project until he is completely satisfied with it.

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Best WatchFace: SBA17 

Sami Akdeniz has been a watch lover since childhood, and after trying many of the WatchFaces available on HUAWEI Themes, Sami decided to create his own. Combining his love of watches and professional experience as an engineer of automobiles, Sami crafted a design which has now exceeded the huge milestone of 100,000 downloads.

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Best WatchFace (Sports Style): Mikich_blaz 

Mikich_blaz’s designs contain all the data and features a user will need for specific sports activities that involve a Huawei watch. With easy access to shortcuts and launchers, combined with easy-to-read HUD (Heads Up Display) information, users can keep track of their physical activities in real-time, whilst prioritising strenuous sporting activity.

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Best WatchFace (Luxurious Style): styles4you

Styles4you’s premium analog designs will always make a statement on your wrist. These digital designs bring luxury and style to your smartwatch whilst also incorporating data features which are not available on traditional watches.

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Best WatchFace (Hybrid Style): Milos Fedak 

Milos Fedak operates under the brand ‘Inspire Watch’ and brings the best of both analog and digital to watches through a unique style of hybrid designs. His designs range from sporty to luxurious, catering for all users. Inspiration is taken from the traditional clockface, which users can embrace daily through Milos’s designs.

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