Quick Guide to Changing Watch Faces and Themes for your Huawei

Huawei is arguably one of the most successful brands in the tech industry. They have owned multiple achievements in the past couple of years and are now capable of going toe to toe with tech giants such as Samsung smartwatches and Apple Watch. However, if you live in western countries, then the possibilities are that you cannot get your hands on most of Huawei’s products.  

Huawei Watch comes with multiple watchfaces for you to switch between. You can choose the watchface that is most suitable for you.

To change the Huawei watchface, do the following:

Method 1: Press and hold the home screen until your band vibrates and swipe into the previews. Touch a watchface to apply it.

Method 2: Go to More > Faces and swipe via the previews. Touch a watchface to apply it.

Method 3: Open the Huawei Health app. Go to Watch faces > More. Touch INSTALL under your chosen watchface.

Your watchface will automatically switch to the preferred one once it is installed. Alternatively, touch and install the watch face and touch SET AS DEFAULT to set the current watchface as your wanted one.

The Watch faces option is not available on iOS phones. To download new watchfaces, you are advised to pair your band with an Android phone temporarily. When the downloaded watch faces are synced to your watch, pair the watch after with your iOS phone. The watchface is available only in specific regions and countries. For more info, contact your local Huawei hotline.

Change Huawei Themes

You can download the Huawei theme on your phone and apply it. Also, you can download your themes directly from the Huawei themes store.

1. Tap the home button to go back to your Huawei home screen and tap on Themes

2. Accept Huawei Themes notice to all users by clicking OK if this is the first time you are using the Theme app.

3. You will first see local themes.Then, drag the interface down, and feature themes will appear. You will see featured themes, category, top, and Me (user profile) in the navigation.

4. Click on the theme you want to use and tap on download to download the theme.

5. Click OK from the popup that gives information about the theme you are about to download.

6. The theme will start downloading. So, chill until the download is completed.

7. The theme will start installing after download. The time taken to complete the installation process depends on the size of the file.

8. Once the download is completed, click on Apply to make a change to the theme.

9. If you are using the Magazine unlock feature on your Huawei phone, you can either keep it by clicking on keep or disable it by clicking on discard.

10. The theme will start applying, and this should take a few seconds once you tap keep or discard.

You can use the search box to search for your favorite theme if you know the name and download it. You can also search themes by hashtag such as love, flowers, red, nature, pink, car, etc.