Are you a fan of BMX bikes and graffiti art? Do you want to showcase your love for these two cool elements on your Huawei device? Look no further than the parallax theme designed by Robert Bürger. This theme presents a BMX on the street in front of graffiti writing, making it the perfect choice for BMX enthusiasts who want to add some edgy style to their device.

With an animated lock screen that creates a stunning 3D effect as you move your device, this theme is sure to impress. Plus, with over 50 additional app icons, you’ll have plenty of options to customize your device just the way you want it.

The Perfect Theme for BMX Lovers

  • A Theme that Combines BMX and Graffiti Art
  • Perfect for Those Who Love the Edgy Style of BMX
  • Showcase Your Passion for BMX on Your Huawei Device

Get Ready to Ride with the Cool Parallax Effect

  • The Parallax Effect: What It Is and How It Works
  • The BMX on the Street and Graffiti Writing: The Perfect Background
  • Add Some Movement to Your Device with the Parallax Effect

An Animated Lock Screen that Stands Out

  • The Animated Lock Screen: How It Works
  • The 3D Effect: A Stunning Addition to Your Device
  • Unlock Your Device in Style with the Animated Lock Screen

Over 50 Additional App Icons for Ultimate Customization

  • Customize Your Device with Over 50 App Icons
  • Find the Perfect App Icon for Your Favorite Apps
  • Add Some Personality to Your Device with Additional App Icons

Made by Robert Bürger: A Name You Can Trust

  • The Designer: Robert Bürger
  • A Creative Mind behind Many Themes for Huawei
  • Trustworthy and Reliable: Get the Best Theme for Your Device

Bullet Points:

  • This theme presents a BMX on the street in front of graffiti writing, perfect for BMX lovers
  • The parallax effect creates a stunning 3D effect as you move your device
  • An animated lock screen adds an extra touch of style to your device
  • With over 50 additional app icons, you can customize your device to your heart’s content
  • Designed by Robert Bürger, a trusted name in theme design for Huawei


Q: Is this theme available for Huawei devices only?
A: Yes, this theme is specifically designed for Huawei devices.

Q: Can I customize the app icons further?
A: Yes, you can further customize the app icons by using your own images or editing the provided icons.

Q: Is the parallax effect battery-intensive?
A: No, the parallax effect is designed to be battery-efficient and should not have a significant impact on your device’s battery life.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a theme that combines your love for BMX and graffiti art into a unique and stylish design, the parallax theme with a BMX on the street in front of graffiti writing is the perfect choice for you. With an animated lock screen, over 50 additional app icons, and a user-friendly design, this theme is a must-have for any BMX enthusiast who wants to add some edge to their Huawei device. Don’t miss out on this cool theme made by Robert Bürger, get it now and showcase your passion for BMX in style!

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