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Fun Smiley Theme: Be Happy and Smile

Are you tired of your old phone theme? Looking for something that will brighten your day and make you smile every time you look at your phone? Look no further than the Fun Smiley Theme!

Developed by Robert Bürger, the Fun Smiley Theme is a Huawei-exclusive theme that will make your device stand out from the crowd. With its bright colors and fun, playful design, it’s the perfect theme for anyone who wants to add a touch of fun to their daily routine.

But what makes the Fun Smiley Theme so special? Let’s dive in and explore all the features that make this theme a must-have for any Huawei user.

Eye-Catching Design

The Fun Smiley Theme features a colorful, playful design that is sure to catch your eye. The bright yellow background is the perfect canvas for a variety of cute and whimsical smiley faces, each with its own unique expression.

But that’s not all. When you move your device, you’ll notice that the eyes of the smiley faces always follow you, adding an extra layer of interactivity to the theme. It’s a small touch, but one that makes a big impact on the overall design.

50 Additional App Icons

One of the best features of the Fun Smiley Theme is the 50 additional app icons that come with it. These icons are designed to match the theme’s overall design and are the perfect way to give your phone a cohesive look.

Whether you’re using popular apps like Facebook and Instagram or lesser-known ones, you can be sure that there’s an icon that matches the overall design of the theme. And if you don’t see an icon you need, you can always request one from the developer.

Easy to Install

Installing the Fun Smiley Theme is a breeze. Simply go to the Huawei Themes app, search for the Fun Smiley Theme, and click „Download.“ The theme will be automatically installed on your device, and you can start using it right away.

And if you ever want to switch back to your old theme, simply go back to the Huawei Themes app and select a new theme. It’s that easy!


Q: Is the Fun Smiley Theme available for all Huawei devices?
A: No, the Fun Smiley Theme is currently only available for Huawei devices.

Q: How can I request a new app icon?
A: You can contact the developer directly through the Huawei Themes app and request a new app icon.

Q: Will the Fun Smiley Theme slow down my device?
A: No, the Fun Smiley Theme is designed to be lightweight and won’t slow down your device.

Q: Can I customize the Fun Smiley Theme?
A: While you can’t customize the design of the theme, you can choose which apps are displayed on your home screen.


The Fun Smiley Theme is the perfect way to add a touch of fun to your daily routine. With its eye-catching design, additional app icons, and easy installation process, it’s the perfect theme for anyone who wants to make their Huawei device stand out from the crowd.

And with the ability to request new app icons and customize your home screen, you can make the Fun Smiley Theme truly your own. So why not give it a try and see how it can brighten up your day?

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